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Mojo Feet

Chiropractor in Media, PA

Mojofeet Theory

At MojoFeet, we use our clinical and bioengineering expertise to focus on one thing – helping people move better. Our endeavors to improve human movement have led to the following observations and beliefs:

  • Health begins, remains and sustains with movement.

  • We were ‘made to move’. Our bodies are designed to feel best when moving. That design was no mistake.

  • Our environment and culture is getting in the way of us moving often and moving well. We have covered our world in surfaces that are hard and uniform. We stuff our feet into shoes everyday. We sit in chairs all day. We just don’t move.

  • No treatment stands alone. We are one tool in your box. Use them all. Never stop learning about new tools.

  • The foot is our interface with the ground, it is the structure through which all ground reaction forces are transmitted, and its function often dictates how the superstructure responds. The most basic function of the foot is to efficiently transfer downward momentum into forward momentum, while adapting to different surfaces. Our feet negotiate all day with the ground below and resisting gravitational forces above.

    Chiropractor in Media, PA

    Our world has changed. In the last three or four generations we have covered our world in concrete. The purpose of the complex bony structure of the foot is to help us adapt to terrain changes and propel us through space. This changing environment has led to changes in how we use our feet. Just as shoulder function is affected by sitting at a computer in slumped positions for long periods of time, our feet are affected by our sedentary lifestyles and the concrete jungle we live on.

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